Education is a significant part of a person's life. It is an enlightening process where revealed knowledge enables us to move forward and become resourceful. It allows us to advance into higher education, develop new interests and gives us a choice as to what we want to do in life. It may offer us the opportunity to work in a trade or start our own business. Whatever your choice, education is the key to societal growth.

Individuals with disabilities have milestones set for them and are guided with the help of their Individualized Education Program or Plan (IEP). This section of our website provides transition information to assist students and parents to make life decisions. It also encompasses Gifted and Talented students who are often overlooked in classrooms or need additional stimulation to develop fully.

Personal Story

Brahmin Jackson

Television Industry Employee, Case Manager, and Mentor

Staci Forrest

College Student for Disability Studies and Special Education

Special Education and IDEA
Lesson Plans
Post Secondary
Gifted and Talented

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