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Michael Orocho

Photo of Michael Orocho

When I transitioned from high school I decided to go to college.  I do not have a job.

This year I took six college courses. The thing I like most about my college experience is getting to live on my own and develop skills for adult life. Adjusting to a new schedule would be something I could have done better.

I am involved in extra curricular activities at school like the Fencing Club,  Programming Board and many others.

My dream is to write movies and make video games  I would lit to get my degree and have a well-paying job.  In an ideal world, I would be able to go for my Master's degree.

I live on my own in the Residence Hall at the University of Delaware.

One of my challenges has been finding finances for college.  One of my successes has been my performance in my college classes.  The Spectrum Scholars and the Office of the Dean of Students has been very helpful.

I have multiple paths for the future.  I guess my prospective path would be getting my Master's Degree in game design or artificial intelligence.  I am open to other potential alternative paths as well.

My mantra for college is,  "We All Lift Together." For new students thinking about college, you will meet people who you can't stand, but for everyone person like this, you'll meet two people that have your back.  As long as you do not give up, no matter how much adversity you face, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and reap the rewards of your harvest