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18+ Years Old

Age 18+  High School to College or Employment


  • Student participates in the IEP.
  • Student transition from school to adult services should be finished.
  • If going to college, find out about accommodations and housing for people with disabilities.
  • Finish public school, special education services.¬† Get summary of your performance to help you meet your post-secondary goals.
  • Document steps taken to ensure student's preferences, strengths and interests are considered even if they are not at the IEP meeting.
  • Parent should be given annual notices from IDEA.


  • Teach young adults how to transfer medications to local pharmacy if going to college.
  • Discuss health insurance and deductibles.
  • Make sure young adult knows how to interact with doctors and staff and understands what an emergency is and what to do if one occurs.
  • Ensure young adults take responsibility for healthcare insurance.
  • Enroll in adult long-term care if necessary.
  • Check to ensure that young adult can stay on parent's health insurance until 26 if needed.

Parent/Caregiver and Young Adult Interaction

  • Research college options.
  • Act as a resource for your young adult by encouraging independence.
  • Prepare wills or trusts to plan for future.
  • Look into alternative living such as section 8 housing or group homes.
  • Consider how youth will make BIG decisions when they turn 18 and arrange for assistance if necessary.
  • Research supported decision making to determine if this may be an option for your young adult.
  • Help young person develop and use self-determination and self-advocacy skills.
  • Look for movies, YouTube videos, books, etc., that show people with disabilities making a living on their own.


  • Discuss possible supports/services that may be needed from outside agencies and how funding sources could benefit student such as SSI, Medicaid, DVR, Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDDS), etc.
  • Identify and apply for services provided by adult agencies.
  • Initiate eligibility process for adult services in state.
  • Be persistent when accessing services.
  • Complete DDDS application, if applicable.
  • Apply for Section 8 housing if desired.
  • Establish connection with DART Paratransit or public transportation if needed.