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Transition is the process of preparing young people with disabilities for the move from childhood to adulthood. Gradually teaching them to go from being dependent to an independent status both socially and financially. Transition planning should begin when you discover your child has a disability. Caregivers and parents should start the transition process as soon as possible to make sure progressive steps are taken to assist your child's future development.

Transitioning from a teenager to an adult brings quite a few changes in life.  This transition timeline is meant to assist youth, parents, teachers, caseworkers, family, foster families and friends during the transition years. This document covers education, health, parent and child/young adult interaction, services, and supports.  It has been adapted using information from the Shriners Hospitals Transition Timeline, The Arc, Tri-State Transition Guide, and the Delaware Department of Education Transition Timeline.

14-15 Year Olds

Guidelines for the early teen years to help understand the transition years.

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16-17 Year Olds

Information to assist youth in their late teens and parents as they approach adulthood.

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18+ Year Olds

Transition suggestions to help a young adult transition from school to college and beyond.

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