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Tara Bustard

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When I was in high school, the high school staff was a challenge for me in so many ways. The "vocational teacher" told me at my IEP meeting in front of everyone that I would never work, that I would always live in a group home, and that I would always be dependent on the state. She then asked my Mom why my Mom was "forcing them to teach me to get a job." This sums up my transition help from the high school.

My DMR Case Manager helped me get my job at MBNA and I love it. I left school when I was 18 to work and got educational tutoring from the result of a due process win. The best thing I did was decide to leave Middletown High School early and go to work. My Mother taught me how to live on my own and helped me get my own apartment where I lived for 4 years. MBNA turned into Bank of America and I have been there for 20 years.  Currently I am a full-time Support Services Associate.

Every year I participate in the Special Olympics. I am a swimmer and I also bowl.

I have advocated in Delaware and Washington D.C for people to live an work in the community not in segregated places. It is our Civil Right.

I like to take continuing education c lasses in art and want to travel someday. I live with my family.  I am an amazing woman and I am glad to work hard and love my pets Pikachu and Angel.