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Girl in a wheelchair looking at flowers in a grocery store.



Inclusivity of Theater and The Arts

Believe In Yourself

Becoming an Adult: What Can I do After High School
College is an Option for Individuals with Disabilities
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
Handling a Curb in a wheel Chair
How I Became Paralyzed
If You Believe In Your Own Strength
I'm Tyler; Ability Awareness
My Marriage Proposal
Person with Paralysis Getting Dressed
Practicing Wheelchair Wheelies
PRO Infirmis- Because Who Is Perfect
Speechless – Special Olympics
Supported Decision Making
Swimming with Paralysis
Taking Charge 2: Two Stories of Self Determination
Part of Me, Not All of Me


Bullying-Standing Up for Yourself
Effects of Cyber Bullying
Power of Words – Soeren Palmbo
Strain – Anti Bullying
Also check out for some great videos on bullying.

Division of Developmental Disability Services

Division of Developmental Disability Services

Special Olympics

Speechless – Special Olympics
SODE – Highlights
Special Olympics - Be a Fan
SODE- Summer Camp
Special Olympics Unified Sports with DIAA


How to Vote in Delaware

Other Videos That May Be of Interest