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Delaware Disability Hub Homepage

Picture of a Dental Assistant with a Patient


General Videos

Becoming an Adult: Taking Responsibility
Baclofen Pump for Muscle Spasticity
Paraplegic Walking Therapy
Standing Wheelchair

Finding Community Resources

Circle of Support
Independent Living Centers

Getting Health Insurance

Are Therapies Covered
Insurance Options Before Age 18

Healthy Transitions

Scheduling a Medical Appointment
Scheduling Transportation
Paperwork at the Sign in Desk
Preparing for an IV or Blood Draw
Preparing for an Operation
On the Day of Surgery

Keeping a Health Summary

Keeping a Health Diary
Keeping a Health Summary
The Transition Information Form

Managing Medications

Brown Bag Medications
My Med
Prescription Labels and Organizers

Recreation, Fitness & Work

The Pre-Employment Physical
YMCA Harnessing

Setting Health Goals

My Health, My Choice, My Responsibility
Self Determination and Health

Speaking Up at the Doctor's Office

Using a Dynamic Display Device
Role of Aides at Medical Appointments
GLADD: Give-Listen-Ask-Decide-Do
Speak Up!
Ask Me