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Delaware Disability Hub Homepage

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Delaware Division of Vocational Rehab Information
Delaware DOL's DVR Partnership with Dover Downs


Disability Mentoring Day
Access to Technology in the Workplace – In Our Own Words
Access to the Future: Preparing Students with Disabilities for Careers
eTrac Online Vocational Training
Getting Around Using Dart
It's Your Career
Learning Disabled Employees and Employers Perspective

Skills to Pay the Bills

Soft Skills – Communication
Soft Skills – Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Soft Skills – Enthusiasm and Attitude
Soft Skills – Professionalism
Soft Skills – Teamwork

Ticket to Work

Meet Ben! An Introduction to Ticket to Work
Megan's Story, Social Security Ticket To Work
Ticket to Work - Disability Law Lowdown
Ticket to Work - SSA Benefits
What is the Ticket to Work Program?