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Delaware Disability Hub Homepage

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Delaware Division of Vocational Rehab Information
Delaware DOL's DVR Partnership with Dover Downs


Job Exploration—Virtually
Disability Mentoring Day
Access to Technology in the Workplace – In Our Own Words
Access to the Future: Preparing Students with Disabilities for Careers
eTrac Online Vocational Training
Getting Around Using Dart
It's Your Career
Learning Disabled Employees and Employers Perspective
We're More Alike Than Different

Skills to Pay the Bills

Soft Skills – Communication
Soft Skills – Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Soft Skills – Enthusiasm and Attitude
Soft Skills – Professionalism
Soft Skills – Teamwork

Ticket to Work

Meet Ben! An Introduction to Ticket to Work
Megan's Story, Social Security Ticket To Work
Ticket to Work - Disability Law Lowdown
Ticket to Work - SSA Benefits
What is the Ticket to Work Program?