This Toolkit contains numerous websites and valuable information on assistive technology, education, IEPs, post-secondary education, gifted and talented opportunities, and checklists to review life learning skills. It also contains information on in-state colleges and universities offices which provide assistance to students with exceptionalities and many more resources from around the country.

Links in green are Delaware specific.

Accessible Instructional Materials

Assistive Technology


Some of the following Checklists were adapted with permission from the University of Illinois of Chicago, Division of Specialized Care for Children. These transition milestones will help you determine if important life skills have been taught or learned. Work with a transition support professional to determine the typical age for these milestones. There is also a helpful checklist to use as a guide if you have to relocate to another area or be prepared for an emergency evacuation.


More Information

Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

Student College Experiences

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